Don’t Really Know

Times like these when keeping your inner balance is tough. It’s like someone needing alcohol or good food or some such vice. But when we talk of the spiritual realm and it is so much more subtle and so much not in your control it’s way harder. You’re learning about the Soul. It’s this and that and thereabout and not this, nor that neither thereabout. Sometimes it’s a tough nut to crack understanding nuances, very very subtle ones.

Times like these when two of your closest friends agree to come with you to Pondicherry, it’s like a Divine hug. It’s a sign to hang in there (there’s no other place anyway but still). You are on the Path, there really is no no Path as such. For any Higher lesson, it takes some resistance to be broken and then the all pervasive freedom to rule. Until then enjoy the so called struggle and appreciate whatever is moving forward, Celebrate friendships and soul ships and hope the twin flames or soulmates arrive soon.


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