Connections Divine or Life Lessons?

Never has she conformed to social norm,

Always done what she was told not to,

Some bitter experiences some not so,

But in the realm above is anything bitter at all?

Is it not the soul desire,

The freedom of karmic bondage,

Growth and evolution of the soul,

Then is anything bitter at all?

Except when a disconnect subtle arises,

Cleavage internal with the Parent,

Turning away from the Soul view,

Then is there a possibility of bitterness.

However when enveloped with the Golden Light,

The cocoon strong and supportive,

With Eternal Protection without and within,

Love, Light and Laughter alone exist.

But remember must that nothing happens in the Cosmic Play but at its time and foreseen place.





2 thoughts on “Connections Divine or Life Lessons?

  1. we are to follow our own path…which ever that path maybe. conform or not. diversity is really the way of the world. if we were thinking and being the same, how dull it would be. btw, there are many who are on that same path or at least very close to it. it is the “who you are” which draws us to you.

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