To Loose Or Not To Loose!

Weight issues have been a struggle since my tryst with cancer and the blessed surgery that followed. At times, I have felt like a balloon, blowing up so much that I am going to float away up in the air.

I have gone from weighing an unhealthy 39 kilos during my illness (I hate the word for the negative connotation attached, maybe I should use ‘learning experience’, whatsay?) to an over healthy 63 kilos at the highest. That is 6-10 kilos above the norm for my height.

Since July, I have rigorously followed a diet and walked and I have only managed to knock off 1.5 kilos. I am down to a 61.3. It’s depressing, annoying and I feel downright dejected. However, I am not the type to take things lying low so I figured there are many out there who have been there and done that. And, wouldn’t it be nice to share your stories and learn from others experiences?

Currently, I am on a diet where I need to eat something every 2-3 hours. For breakfast I have a green juice which consists of cilantro, mint leaves, ginger, lime juice and 1/4 of a pulpy fruit like apple. A dash of jaggery syrup. Then I have lime juice with jaggery syrup.

Midmorning, is for buttermilk and a fruit preferably citrus. Lunch comprises of multigrain unleavened Indian flat bread, a soupy watery vegetable and salad. Afternoon, I have lime juice again and a fruit. Around 5:30 it is a thick soup time and dinner comprises of a big bowl of salad or a lentil pancake or some such thing. In the last week I didn’t knock off any weight and therefore my night multigrain roti gave way to a healthy salad.

I was so upset to know that I didn’t loose any weight or inches in the last week, I cried or sulked all evening. Then, I pulled up my socks and said what the hell. I beat cancer and my whole life work revolves around beating it from humanity (my dream). After all, the chemo lead to my super weight gain, thanks to mucking up my digestion as did my left leg weakness.

Sticking to the point at hand, my workout schedule includes yoga three times a week. On Monday I do two sessions. Hour and half in the morning and an hour of high intensity, power packed stuff in the evening again. An hour of walking at a brisk pace at 60% of my max heart rate (the simplified formula is 60-70% of 220-age) five times a week at least.

I also saw a YouTube video on pick a card tarot. I am obsessed with these videos and some of them make so much sense too. They vibe perfectly with what my intuition tells me. So mine said, I am fighting weight like it is an enemy. There are bigger and better things to fight with rather than the weight. Meditation and visualisation will help me with the same. And, the weight gain is also a mean of learning. It will give way to something bigger in the future or prepare you for something. Afterall, a human vision can never fathom the Vision Divine. So trust it, visualise it and loose it.

I am going to document things which I feel helped me and also what didn’t helps me. I hope it helps some or many of you out there. And, I also hope that some of you will take out time from your busy schedules and drop in a comment or two on what you did to shed some fat. Especially, if you changed something inside on a subtle level or even a psychological level.

Cheers and here’s to loosing it!!




4 thoughts on “To Loose Or Not To Loose!

  1. As long as you are relatively healthy, why be so concerned with what you weigh. But it sounds like you are not happy with yourself, so I hope whatever you do to shed your weight works for you. But just be aware, your body may feel you are at the weight should be. Good luck

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    1. Well, I am not happy with the fact that I haven’t plateaued in the last 3 years, it’s been an ever upward graph. That’s what the major problem is. The worst thing is, my body isn’t as supple as it used to be and yoga can be difficult.


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