To Dream Or Not To Dream?

I am a dreamer. I have always had an intuitive sense which is completely and totally different from anyone else in the family. This lead to a lot of confusion growing up as I felt no one really understood me and I quite figured out the ways of the world from experience. This can be quite bitter at times.

I dream about hospitals becoming non profit organisations per government norms. I dream of humanity reaching out for healing and meditation so that hospitals in totality shut down for what’s the need for them when humans are responding to the Higher Light and can heal themselves?

I dream of the education system becoming more whole. Teaching us what we actually need to know to become wonderful, whole and complete. And for us to see ourselves in that light. I see of it teaching us how to recycle, reuse and be true to ourselves, true to our Planet and true to our race.

And, I dream of happy marriages (even though I am yet to see one from close quarters). I dream of soulmates. I dream of spiritual halves embarking on a journey of wholesome beauty. I dream of being given voice to what in one is mute. I dream of complimentary and reciprocal beauty.

Dream on or not, everything is given at the right time, right place and in the right amount. To dream or not to dream then, that’s the question!


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