What Do You Really Want?

What do you really want?

Fair face, hazel eyes,

Chiseled face, silky soft hair?

That too vain maybe.

What do you really want?

Doctor, engineer,

Lawyer, businessman,

Industrialist, politician?

There need not be profession involved.

What do you really want?

Just someone nice with a punch of spice,

Just someone to hold me tight,

Just someone who will walk the walk

And talk the talk

And still appreciate the music of silence,

Just someone divinely in tune,

Just someone dancing on the rhythm Divine,

Just someone on a Path Divine

Who will hold my hand and walk till my body’s end,

Who shall give voice to what in me is mute,

Then shall we grow like vibrant kindred hearts,

One in the beats of difference and delight.

For thy unknown lover waits for thee thee unknown,

Thy soul has the strength and needs no other guide.



10 thoughts on “What Do You Really Want?

  1. Her job or lack of one does not matter.
    As long as I have some physical attraction.
    She wants to be with me and I with her.
    Doing something or nothing at all.
    Some old time romance.
    Talks and silence.
    Walks and car rides.
    Laughs and smiles.
    Tells me when it’s right or when its wrong.
    Hand holding and passionate kisses.
    Touches and being touched.
    These and maybe more.
    Out there?
    Yes, maybe but too far.

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