Twin Flames

Recently, I stumbled upon pick a card readings on YouTube. They might’ve been there for donkeys years but it’s the first time I have seen them. The one I saw was about twin flames. It was a new concept for me. I had heard soul mates and one soul two bodies but what on Earth was a twin flame?

From my limited reading (and some of my own intuition which usually works only for me) I figured it to be your mirror image. Of course you are soul mates but the relationship can be extremely passionate given that you are mirror images of one another. It’s as if you were cleaved from one embryo and if opposites attract, likes repel. There is no such saying but I had to come up with something to make my point.

Anyway, it really fascinated me. The concept of having a passionate connection, a significant other who is your mirror image who you grow together with. You were one, you become one again. Your life stories are one and the same. Your learning is together and you each bring about the best in the other.

It touched my inner being. I wish to find this strong connection. It’s like I know that I have worked hard for love and companionship and soulmate and maybe, I have to work still harder and heal still some more for it to manifest on the physical plane. And, likewise, he needs to do the same. We have to clear our slates so that only we can write on each other’s forevermore. Disclaimer- twin flames needn’t necessarily be husband and wife or partners, they could be friends or siblings. Having said that, I am hoping mine will be.

Here’s to healing spirits. Healing souls. And manifestation of the Human Whole on Planet Earth.


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