The Traveller Classification.

For all of you who have been keeping up with my blog, however few and far apart, you know I was in Europe for a holiday. European summers are great and France in particular is beautiful. This is the comparison between Spain, Portugal and France. All good things must come to an end and the holiday did too. I’ve harped about the fact that I inadvertently managed to go with a few almost complete strangers.

Now, the problem with that is that you via somebody somebody know them but have no real personal interaction or love for them. Which leads to the problem that you can’t entirely be yourself and the boundaries of social etiquette raises its ugly head. If it’s random strangers, completely, there’s no boundaries. You don’t care about ruining equations because you have none and you couldn’t care less of forging them in the future, it may or may not happen but who cares. In the former, you are worried that someone’s equation might get spoils because of you especially so when it’s from the in laws side.

Oh well, enough of that topic. Moving on to what is actually pertaining to the topic. I travelled with three boys and four girls. The motley crew was as diverse as chalk and cheese and still we managed to get along  wells enough for us to do 80% things together, by the grace of God. But it did give rise to the various types of travellers that you could potentially come across. I am sure, this is not an all inclusive list so would love to hear more in the comments. But here goes my list-

1. The Penny wise and Pound Foolish traveler-

This traveller will count money on every little thing without realising the big picture or seeing the comfort for a few more euros or dollars or rupees. For example, will not order a 15 euro sangria (to be shared between two people) but instead will order one glass for 4 euros. He saved a total of 3 euros, about 0.0003% of the entire budget of the trip. This one will not even look at Uber and insist on taking public transport because public transport is always better. Hate to break it, but not when you divide 6 euros in 4 and the public transport tickets costs between 1.4-2 euros each!

2.  The Significant Other of no.1

She will buy a 15 euro top from Zara on sale, it looks like crap being sold from 2008 but at least it’s a Zara. She will walk for an hour and in the bargain miss what she was supposed to see to save 1.5 euros. She will go to the same shop five times before buying anything because No.1 hasn’t given her any money of her own on her and she needs to think twice before spending 10 euros. What if she got it for 9.5 elsewhere?

3. The Fashionista-

In the peak of summer, this one will put eye liner and kohl and by the end of the day get a black eye. It’s not like she’s gotten into a fist fight or bar fight or cat fight. It’s what 37 degrees centigrade or 110 Fahrenheit can do to the poor charcoal. And of course, wear pure nylon or polyester clothes which fries her skin but otherwise the photographs won’t come out well.

4. The Shopoholic-

Doesn’t care about sightseeing or itinerary or where to go and what to do but knows which shop is where and on sale/ cheap. Everything revolves around the shopping. Good shopping = good place.

5. The Boy who Doesn’t Care a F*ck-

The most chilled out, fun guy in the group. Gets ready in fifteen minutes flat. Wears the same clothes for the length of the trip to save time and hell yeah, it’s comfyyyy. Practical. Level headed. The prankster, the jokester, the clown of the group, the explorer too. The tour without him is awful dull. And is a perfect match for the next one. Oh yeah, and won’t count a euro there or here but will spend for comfort and fun.

6. The Girl who Doesn’t Care a F*ck-

The female counterpart of traveller no. 4. Just as level headed, practical and sorted. Spent most time with traveller 4 and had a blast in the making. Laughing, laughing and more laughing at the foolishness and drama all around. Still grateful for them being them for the entertainment it provided.

7. The Traveller Who Should NEVER EVER EVER travel-

This one is the most interesting character of them ALL. He cannot do without everything he is used to at home.  And he can’t do anything himself. From the chocolate drink he has at home to the breakfast he eats at home to the cut fruits (which the wife needs to cut for him, or else his teeth with fall off) to the exact same lunch and dinner he eats at home. He needs someone to clean after him. He needs his five pairs of shoes and six jackets, seven perfumes and twenty shirts. On his honeymoon, he will sleep on someone else’s couch and floor because his own apartment isn’t up to mark and he doesn’t have the balls to find a hotel and so miserly that doesn’t want to spend money on a one night hotel room tariff. The only thing he can do is probably, lift three bags of thirty kilos each up three flights of steps or maybe his wife did that too.

8. The Wife of Traveller 7 who has More Balls-

The pitiable, smarter and braver wife of Traveller 7. Has more balls to do things but is the new wife and refrains from asserting herself and puts up with the tantrums of the new husband. The sob story of many wives of the patriarchal Indian society. Very pitiable to have married the most unmarriage worthy Indian boy. She deserves so much better. Didn’t get why she carried along a leather jacket in the peak of summer, though!

Well folks, that’s all. Hope you enjoy this post and hope you add more to these funny ones.

Adios and see you soon!!

Hugs and kisses.

PS- just one regret though, didn’t find anyone close to the second half of who my nature wants. Oh well, nothing happens in the cosmic play but at its time and foreseen place.


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