Swimming with the Swifts!

So I have harped about my rather long travel line up this year. Bali can be struck off that list, unfortunately so. I can’t say or post any pictures which will do justice to the beauty of Ubud, Bali. Or for that matter, any other place in Bali (relevant to posts to come, hopefully).

Ubud happens to be in the Center of Bali where all the culture seems to be in. I can’t be for sure because I haven’t still seen the South. But from what I have researched, experienced and been told I think that it is the case.

It’s secluded and still very very Balinese. To top it all, I am staying at a hotel which is in the middle of nowhere! There’s nothing but rice fields and plantations for about a one kilometre radius. There is a river flowing very close by in the valley while the resort is on the slope of the hill. So from the room itself you can hear the gurgling playfulness of the river. Has me sleep like a baby!

Moreover, that’s not all. There are two pools. One an infinity pool overlooking the Indonesian rainforest. And the swifts (or perhaps they are swallows, I am not too sure of the difference now because it has been a good decade and half since someone mentioned the difference between the two) swim right with you. They come down scooping in for some water and that’s when they make great company!

I never imagined it to be so perfect but it truly is. The gurgling playful river, swimming with the swifts but wait a minute it does get better- there’s a second pool of non chlorinated natural spring water. And the spring water is potable and when I drank it, it was absolutely sweet to taste. I have NEVER tasted water that good.

And to make matters better (if there is anything like a better to perfect)- our villa has an open balcony with views of the Indonesian rainforest so sitting in the room you see butterflies and birds and of course the lullaby of the river.

Then today, we decided to go on an excursion to see Bali. We got the best cab driver ever. This fellow knows Bali like the back of his hand. Every nook and cranny and is most enthusiastic to tell tales of his village (we went to his house too) and Bali culture and Bali everything!!!

I am sharing with you pictures of Tirtha Ganga (according to the Balinese culture, the spring there has a direct connection with the Holy river Ganga in India) which I thought was stunning. The whole vibe was calming and purifying.  Also of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. I didn’t trek up since I was traveling with my parents but I am definitely going to visit Bali again and do the trek and visit a canyon- Beji Gawang.


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