The Confusions of the Confused Traveller- Part 2

In my last post I ranted about the crazy plans and preparations (or the lack thereof) of my trip to Europe. Just when I thought things were settling down, at that point we had all our accommodation planned as did we have internal flights but little did I realise that out of the blue a honeymoon couple would be joining us.

Now, firstly why would anyone want to go out in a group for their honeymoon and secondly, I can’t for the world of it think why they would want to tag along with complete random strangers none of who are honeymoon couples! Pray, why?!

Therefore, when I got this piece of news last night I was in a state of shock. What was supposed to be a friends’ tour of Europe has now turned into a family affair! So the motley crew you ask- me, couple of friends from PT school, their respective husbands and one of the friends cousin and the friend’s husband’s sister in law’s uncle’s son and his newly married wife.

Oh dear God! For the first leg of our journey, my other friend and her husband aren’t coming at all. They fly a little later while the other motley crew carries on a few extra days. And whatever becomes of me?! If I survive to tell the tale there will surely be another post about the same!

The other thing is that I will be surrounded by all Gujaratis (Indians from the state of Gujarat are called Gujaratis). While I am one too, I have no Gujarati qualities whatsoever. I am not miserly, I am not calculating or manipulative. I don’t want my typical Gujarati food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I am willing to try any local cuisine as far as it is vegetarian. And not to mention, I run away from other Gujjus (slang) by a barge pole!

I am mentally preparing myself for solo trips because a group of more than five, I don’t think can see eye to eye on most things. In case of differing interests and opinions I should be confident enough to find my way around!

And at the moment all I can do is pray- “Dear Lord of Travel, take me safe and take me far, keep me happy, drama free and let my wings fly so I can leave my footprints in the sands foreign. Amen. And maybe make me meet my soulmate, too? Dear God, you know you love me even though I have my funky demands. Thanks in anticipation”.


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