Confusions of the Confused Traveller

I have been bit by the travelling bug. I visited Bangalore, India in May. July first week I go to Bali, Indonesia and August I am off to Nice and Spain.

All plans were borne within a span of a few hours. The Bali plan happens with the parents. One Sunday evening at dinner we decided we HAD to go on a holiday somewhere and then began a world tour in the living room which ended when two hours later we booked our tickets to Bali.

A similar thing happened for Europe. My friends and I met over dinner to celebrate one of their birthdays. In a span of couple hours I was sold to the idea of Spain. After pledging my allegiance to the whole holiday and numerous changes we decided we must add South of France to the itinerary. Thus we booked our tickets to Nice (with day trips to Antibes, Cannes, Monaco, Monte Carlo and Eze Village).

So while three of us were sure and booked our tickets, the other two dilly dallied and went on a trip of their own. So while we budgeted and booked according to what was en route and in sync, they went overboard and added Lisbon. Now, I am sure Lisbon is a beautiful city but it’s a 8.5 hour bus ride from Seville and 10.5 from Madrid (the closest two from any other destination we are covering).

In the spur of the moment excitement of covering an entire additional place two of my other friends said yes and even changed the itinerary. When it came to my table I flat refused. I wasn’t going to spend two nights sleep on travelling and I was definitely not going to spend lesser days in Madrid and Seville. Both of which I am really looking forward to! And I believe we must absorb and explore and live in the skin of each place you visit. I cannot get myself to just touch a country superficially and say, “oh yes I have been to Portugal”. No darling, you’ve been to Lisbon! Duh!

Anyway, she tried to convince me and I stayed my ground but in the bargain I’ve gotten so upset. I need all reservations to be done by this week so that the passport comes back to me in time for my travel to Bali. And here we are still changing and re-routing our trip!! Well past midnight we decided to call it a night and I pray with all my heart that better sense prevails!

In the mean time I shall try and catch some beauty sleep and dream of the chance of meeting my soul mate in Europe!! Cheers to wild imaginations….and hope they come true!!!


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