The Wedding Royal

Meghan Markle or maybe I should say Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex is living the conventional dream life. I haven’t known any girl who didn’t pretend to be Princess and Royal growing up. Meghan is quite literally leading that life.

Of course, all that glitters is not gold. While I am aware of the tough life of a Royal or for that matter anyone famous, I have to admit I am quite fascinated by the British Royal family. I do stalk them and I was hooked on for the wedding of Prince William and Kate and the births of George, Charlotte and Louis.

It probably has to do with Princess Diana and the humility and normalcy she portrayed that made me feel more for Princes William and Harry (can’t say I extend the feelings for Charles and the Queen). Not to mention that I had a HUGE crush on William growing up and my girl fantasy was to be his wife some day. Now, that boat has obviously sailed but I cannot get myself to be less obsessed about the Royal family.

I am in awe of the respect and attention that they command. That too in a day and age that monarchy seems a crazy idea given that we live in an age where equality means everything. The palaces, the jewels, the tiaras and the larger than life life that they seem to be living. I had to watch the entire telecast of the Harry and Meghan nuptials. A perfect conglomeration of modern American and traditional British Royal ceremony. I couldn’t help but hope and pray to find my Prince Charming some day and have a private classy affair to remember.

Some day, someone will walk me down the aisle to my Prince- he who shall give voice to what in thee is mute and then shall we grow like vibrant, kindred harps one in the beats of difference and delight.



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