Family ties and social bonds are the core values of the Indian society. In other words personal space and independence are almost frowned upon in India.

A very unfortunate thing which is. Being in the health care field I feel that is the BIGGEST bane there can be.

No one seems to be taking a keen interest in their own health or the responsibility for their own health or a step further- a need to be in control of their own health. For some one will always be around for mollycoddling!

I might’ve lived nearly 28 years in India but I cannot fathom most things Indian! I feel like I was American in my last life. The importance of personal space and independence and freedom is something I enjoy and look up to!

Therefore I feel wasted and annoyed that while I am capable and can help my patients get better, I can’t. Because they don’t want to. They don’t want to be standing on my two feet and they don’t want to be getting better with exercises.

Give em pills, hook them up on the machine and they will be fine but anything that they need to do own their own is not going to be done! Some will outright say no I don’t want to get better.

That apart Indians love to beat around the bush. If you tell them something in one sentence, it’s crap! Play around with words and go on and on with the same story over and over again and you are smart. The more complicated your solutions and talks are the better you are….like seriously?!

Oh well…I hope that either I move back the USA or Indians improve on their communication skills and their inherent honesty and discipline….well one of us will change for sure!!



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