A LOT has happened, is happening and will happen (hopefully).

Firstly, I quit my job. 28th should’ve been my last day. However, the company is super short staffed. They requested me to stay on longer, till the end of the month. To which I refused. So they came down to 2-3 hours three times a week. Which I was ok with. I didn’t want to leave on bad terms and a little stable cash didn’t harm anyone as such. But I’ve been seeing a few patients on the side, the freedom one gets while working for themselves is unbelievably awesome!

I am also in the middle of being more aware of people around me. Someone made me conscious of the fact that not everyone is as honest and straight forward as me. I should stop taking people at face value. To gauge better than what I have been in the last few years. It’s a useful tip to get by for me especially because I often feel cheated and wronged when I shed my heart out and don’t get much in return.

The young team has been harped upon a lot by me. But here’s another incident. There’s this girl who is rather loud, boisterous and a HUGE cribber. And, somehow she’s being promoted to more senior roles. She somehow manages to swing the whole team morale any way she chooses or wants to swing it. Thankfully, the senior management has FINALLY caught the behaviour. There is a LOT of shuffling shifts and tightening the noose. I am hoping it will work better for the team.

Moving on to what I am hoping will happen in the future. For starters, I will soon be self employed. Freelancing for the most part. That means I play by my rules and whims and fancies. Therefore, I will hopefully be having free time for my hobbies. I am very interested in a ceramic painting workshop which happens every Monday. I also want to attend a healthy bread making workshop. And, of course, cooking on a more regular basis. (By the way, I made Thai food for lunch- Tom yum soup, Thai green curry and raw papaya salad).

I am also hoping to start dating soon. I am more open to the idea of settling down now than I have ever been. I’ve had a great time being independent and free spirited but I am hoping I will find someone now. I only hope he’s not around all the time and gives me my space. I am pretty darned certain about what I don’t want, if that might help.

Anyway, so that is about all that’s happening, happened and hopefully will happen…



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