It’s That Time of the Year….

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Joy, love and peace!!!

It’s my favourite time of the year. Maybe it started out as a commercialised Pagan holiday but the fervour around Christmas is unparalleled to any other festival. The lights, glitz, the aroma of all spice and the general cheer boosts me up to no end. It also means we are playing Secret Santa at work. As you all know I am big on DIY. Therefore, I put together a hamper where 3 of 4 items I made myself.

I made a marshamallow Christmas tree, which is as easy as melting white chocolate, dipping one side of a marshmallow in it and then shaping it as a tree. I decorated mine with Froot Loops. I was proud of myself.

Then in a cellophane cone, I mixed some cococa powder, icing sugar, punch of salt for a hot cocoa premix. Topped off some rabbit shaped marshamallows. So Christmas, eh?

I left the last for the best. The one which made me PROUD of myself, the most I have been in a while. I made healthier whole wheat white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies. I found this AMAZING recipe on Here’s the link-

The base recipe was the same (only quartered, with which also I got about 24 small ones). In my version, I used jaggery powder for the most part rather than brown sugar and white sugar. I used butter and coconut oil in 50-50. In place of chocolate chips, I used white choclate and macadamia nuts. The cookies didn’t spread much but I am glad I caught on that halfway through the baking, I just used a spoon and flattened them out a bit. The end product were the most lip smackingly delicious cookies EVER! Now why am I PROUD of myself because I have never fancied myself as a baker, but I really did a good job on this one. While I was about to give up on baking, after this boost I doubt I will.

Next on agenda- whole wheat bread!!

Until then let the joy, love and peace of Christmas spread a general cheer all around!!!!

Joyeux Noel!!!!!!!



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