The Social Conundrum

I am not going to start with apologising for being away for so long. I’ve missed being away and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am going to have to make time for things I like. Not entirely certain how to balance my creative self with the social responsibilities of a regular Indian Homo Sapien but it’s something I am going to have to learn to do if I need to maintain my sanity.

With the brother getting married, there’s always tons to do. Wedding lists are always seemingly never ending. It doesn’t help that at the very end, I am going to be in the midst of 1200 people. An anti social Homo Sapien who dwells in the solitary peace it’s like a worst nightmare coming true. If that’s not bad enough, there’s always a social gathering to either discuss or celebrate the impending nuptials. For in India, it’s a family celebration with the parents paying for everything. So there’s tons of endless discussions and arguments and the like.  While it takes a toll on my being for pretending to be social and normal, my soul is left wounded and it takes much longer to heal after. Therefore, I cannot wait to go on a five day break for a yoga camp after the wedding.

On the work front too there’s always a LOT of pressure. I work in a noble profession which can help people improve their quality of life by leaps and bounds but mix number crunching corporate honchos and it isn’t so noble. Put on a dollop of a confused Indian Homo Sapien who cannot connect with other Homos of the same race and it’s a recipe for disaster. Micromanagement does nothing for a Homo Sapien who believes in complete freedom.

Anyway, all in all it has been a horrible time balancing a need for peace, space, inner connect and being socially affable and correct. That being something never known to me or having a complete disrespect or disdain for anything social. Good thing is, I am going to quit my job in February as my contract gets over then. I will be spending anywhere between two to four weeks in Auroville, which is a township near Pondicherry (South India) based on principles of humanity where people from different countries come together to bring forward humanity as a whole. Away from the hustle and bustle of socially appropriate city where I can thrive in peace and freedom. Well here’s to all things good.


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