Fitting In

I’ve been doing a LOT off late. With the brother’s wedding there are big bills for presents etc. Therefore, so as to not affect my investments, I am seeing a few private patients on the side. Now I’ve worked in the USA and it’s very professional and black and white there. You know your work and are a tad empathetic and you are sorted. I could engage with the American population very well. I’ve never had even one episode of a person not wanting to work with me. However, that’s not the case back home. I feel alienated from the general mentality. I am unable to hit bulls eye with what is expected out of me. I am bloody good at my work but I can’t seem to be engaging the public. I am not a part of office politics. I am not popular. People know and care of my existence but I am not loved. And, I don’t have very many close friendships or equations with colleagues or patients. And, when I think I am doing well and have built a rapport, it suddenly dawns that I have not. The only thing I can wish for is for someone to give me the magic wand of popularity and affability. Something that has been missing for years now! If only wishes were horses…


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