The Fantasy of Love

I, of all people, am extremely curious about love. Now, I am not sure curious is the spot on word but it’s a word which would, somewhere mean, a mixture of dream, faith, curiosity and arising anxiety. If such a word ever existed (your inputs are very welcome).

Anyhow the dream or ideal I have about love is very different from anyone else’s that I have heard or read about. For me it is about the magic. The feeling of being with someone who changes at the same pace as you. One who facilitates the change and makes it easy. Who shares your journey and makes it beautiful by just being. When words have no place or need. Because the communication takes place at a subtle non verbal level. Which leaves little to no scope for arguments and fights.

The most important is magic, that feeling of not needing anything or anyone else. The feeling of joy and peace and abundance. The feeling of being satisfied in being together more than any other material matter. Commanding ones eyes to look only into the others. And being one and whole together.

Every person I have shared this aspiration has brought it down or sneered at it and called it unreal. Maybe it is but in this lifetime I am not giving up on the hope. My world relies on it.


7 thoughts on “The Fantasy of Love

  1. “Every person I have shared this aspiration has brought it down or sneered at it and called it unreal”…how shameful of those people to have done so. Your ideas may not agree with them, but they are yours and should be respected if not agreed upon.
    I like your views and hope you find them. And yes…i agree with them.

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  2. Ditto, VD!! I too share the same view about love. πŸ™‚ People do not understand and I do not wish to waste time in trying to explain.
    Don’t let their sneering or criticism bring you down. πŸ™‚

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  3. Love indeed is the wonderful feeling which emerges from somewhere deep within. It is difficult to explain often it springs when least expected . It is so chaste and personal so difficult for others to understand. The beauty is that most of the time it is unconditional. Its perception differs in all.

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