Imperfect perfection

Perfection is an ideal we seek more than any other and yet the beauty of imperfection is so all encompassing. Two souls as alike as chalk and cheese and still complete one another. That moment where everything seems totally and utterly chaotic and nonsensical. But to two souls there is absolute peace for no one is looking in the distraction. It is the sleight of Divine touch. The way He tweeks and turns things around for the Final plan to fall into place. For the selected two must be one.

To quote a dear friend- don’t fall in love, rise in it. Love is power. Dream on and attract so will it you.


8 thoughts on “Imperfect perfection

  1. Buddhist teachings…no such thing as perfect. It is an impossibility. Also, nothing is permanent.
    The Navajo when weaving blankets or making bowels etc would make an effort to place an error so as the item would surely not be perfect.
    Perfection? No. Excellence? Yes. πŸ™‚

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