Birthday Presents

It is J uncle’s (in India the relation comes behind the name and even family friends are addressed as uncle and Aunty) birthday on Wednesday. It’s the only birthday I get really really excited about. The family doesn’t believe in exchanging gifts or celebrating birthdays.

But there’s always a HUGE celebration for J uncle’s. He teaches yoga and his family and all the yoga teachers and students host a grand event on the 28th every year. This year since his dad had tumbled and broken a hip, the celebrations have been downsized a tad. It still has me excited.

Every year I try and make a nice DIY gift for him. Nothing compares to your sweat and toil while gifting and I am old school that way. So this year, I have an elaborate plan to make a  homemade face scrub, macaroons, oatmeal nut cookies, vegan mozzarella, lip balm (if I can get bees wax from some place near by, too late to order from Amazon). I wanted to make a DIY soap and shampoo too but I realised Amazon wasn’t going to deliver the raw materials on time!

J uncle’s mom gifted me some whole walnuts from Kashmir, shell et al. So I decided to powder the shell and to two parts of shell powder, I added one part honey and coconut oil. I have a naturally oily skin so I thought it didn’t go down too well for me though my skin does feel soft and supple. So it will work wonders for the winter months, and those with a dry skin. For my skin though I might add some lemon oil instead. When I try it I will be sure to post about it.

The other things I haven’t really ever tried. I found a recipe for the macaroon and it’s really quite simple but with macaroons you’ve got to get the proportions right. The other vegan/ healthy cookies and cheese has me really excited. I truly hope it turns out great. I am always excited to try out new things.

I am on a diet because after the chemo and surgery and all, my metabolism has gone for an absolute toss and I have piled on 14 kilos in the last one year. Had I not stopped now I think I might have become like a balloon before the brother’s wedding. Please pray that I loose at least 7 kilos before the big day to get back to my healthy svelte self.

Oh well, I also hope that in between all the mad socialising and travelling and work I am doing I get to post more often than what I have been in the last month or so. Until then..cheers and I hope all of you are doing well.


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