Rocher Mousse

I have mentioned that the brother has finally found his match and decided to get married. The roka or informal verbal confirmation between the families that kinda sorta formalizes the relation was a hush hush affair. Neither family had the time to buy and exchange gifts etc. So we did the same on 29th of last month. Which is also when the sister in law (SIL from here on) ‘officially’ came home.

It was an elaborate menu. With starters and watermelon feta salad and loads of Indian maa ke haath ka khaan (food made by mom). The onus of dessert was on me. The SIL loves hazelnut and the brother loves chocolate. To appease them both, I made a Ferrero Rocher Mousse. Turned out absolutely yum. It was my spin on the recipe from TasteMade. Could be elsewhere I don’t quite recollect.

Anyhow, here is what I did (you must remember, my recipes involve eyeballing so you will seldom find exact measurements unless it is a cake or bread)-



Cocoa powder

Melted butter

Marie biscuits


I blitzed together cornflakes and marie biscuits in the ratio of 80:20 together in a mixer. make sure it is really fine and then add a good quantity of melted butter so that it all coated well.

Personal suggestion- I did not quite like the texture rendered by the cornflakes so next time I will do the traditional one with Digestive biscuits or Marie for that matter. If you are health freak, cut down on some part of the butter and add milk instead or use walnuts which tend to release natural oils. 



Paneer or cottage cheese

Milk/ Cream


Dash of cocoa powder (optional)

Firstly, toast your hazelnuts ever so slightly. Add the roasted nuts, paneer, sweetener of your choice and a little cream or milk together in a mixer. The consistency should be the thickness of a custard. I used about 2 cups of hazelnut to which I needed about 3/4 cup of milk and 75 ml of fresh cream. I used a combination of honey and stevia. I put about 3 tbsp of honey and 6-7 drops of stevia.

Tips- I like to mix my natural sweeteners. Stevia when put in large quantities tends to have a slightly bitter after taste which might not work for everyone. So I find it best to use stevia and honey together. The consistency of the above  mixture should be like that of a slightly runny custard. Because once you refrigerate it, it will become thicker. 

Chocolate Ganache

Dark chocolate

Fresh Cream

Dollop of honey

Double boiler

On a double boiler (for the uninitiated please refer to my suggestions below) melt the dark chocolate. Once melted add the fresh cream. If you feel it is getting too hot you can always take off the heat for a few minutes. I added a little dollop of honey just…

Suggestions-  A double boiler is a device to prevent the chocolate from directly touching the heat source. Basically, you boil some water in a pan and then place a small plate (turned upside down) and then place your bowl of chocolate in it. For ease you could use the microwave. I am a purist and I don’t quite like the microwave so I don’t use it. 


Butter the pan/container you are going to serve is.

Then set the base.

Thereafter put the mousse.

Lastly generously pour a thick layer of chocolate ganache on top.

For garnish, cut a ferrero rocher into two halves and put as shown in picture.








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