Like I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I am in the midst of getting the interiors of my new room done. I knew I wanted something rustic shabby chic is just my kind of style. It fits in my scheme of imperfectly perfect or finding beauty in the most mundane of things. I researched a lot on the internet about the same.

Pinterest is my absolute favorite. It is unbelievable how many ideas and creative things have been put up there. So I decided to share some of those ideas out here. They are so amazing. Also, I grew up having very clear ideas and dreams but what my parents told me and what I saw were not anything like that. And then boom, off late everything falls into place…I see websites which gel with my dreams, I read book, I meet people…all has me excited!

Any how, two walls will be white brick walls, other two will have a textured whiteย while I have a colored tiles for the flooring. I thought I will go with flush white bed and wardrobe. As is shown in some of the pictures below.

But my interior designer used her veto and said white isn’t meant for India. Everything tends to gather a lot of dust in India, so I have decided to go in for cream/beige wardrobe and bed.

Either ways, here went…I hope you like the pictures as much as I do. And, I do pray at some point in my life I get a house in a region where wooden flooring is appropriate!!! Cheers to that!!!



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