Gearing Up for The Big Fat Indian Wedding..

I am not sure if or not I mentioned in one of my previous posts but the brother has found his match. And has decided to get hitched. Which means I have to be all set and ready for a big fat Indian weddings. Now, if you remember I cry and crib when I have to attend a wedding. So just imagine my plight that not only do I need to attend it, I need to actively participate to make it happen!! Jesus Christ!!!

Ever since the ‘good news’ things have been super hectic, super hyper and super charged up. Everyone has their own opinion and it does not help very much that no one (other than me but no one listens to me anyway, so bleh) has very good decision making skills. The father will ask the mother who will in turn ask the grandmother who will ask the brother who will again ask the mother…end result…a decision which should not take more than 15 minutes will not be taken even after 1.5 days.

Either ways, I am doing my bit. And that is part of the reason I have been tardy of posting here. The other part, if it is not enough to be busy with wedding preps I have to undergo further training for a promotion. Which means I need to travel 1.5 hours one way to a godforsaken place which depresses the soul out of me. Like they say, it never rains, it pours!

In between figuring out how to get to the godforsaken place, I am shopping for my clothes, shopping for the grandmother’s clothes, talking to vendors for various services which the wedding industry has ingrained in our being that weddings cannot do without, checking out gifts and venues for the various functions. Ohh and the worst- making guest lists and making sure no one gets hurt without calling the proverbial ‘whole town’.

Midst this all, I have to go out more often than I ever have dreamt of. There is always something or the other happening. Baby showers, random lunches and dinners to introduce the newly engaged, the engagement dinner, the brother’s in-laws coming over or us going there….it’s way too much.

Well, the thing I am really looking forward to is my new bedroom. So since the brother is getting married, I have to move out of my old room into a new one. The negative, it is small. The positive- I wont have to share it with any guests and I get to do it up my way. Rustic and still classy, an extension of my ideal of imperfect perfection. So I get a white brick wall (much like what you would find in parts of Greece), very charming 3D tiles (contemporary and still classically Indian). A low bed, a quirky night stand (haven’t picked one as yet) and my awesome rocking chair which I shipped from San Francisco on the way back.

Talking of the rocking chair, I remembered someone’s absolute horror when I said I wished and wanted a rocking chair over a diwan or couch. The exact words were (look of being aghast),”My mom used to have it when we were little…just to help her put us to bed”. No amount of coaxing changed the horror to understand my joy, but it was cool to see an honest perspective. I hope some day, the person in question comes over to understand the joy of the simple pleasures of my rocking chair.

Until then, so long, todooloo!! Pray that I get some free time to post more often..ohh I should write about the new styles I come across/buy on my shopping sprees. Stay tuned for the coming posts for those!!!


6 thoughts on “Gearing Up for The Big Fat Indian Wedding..

  1. so looking forward for more posts … hope the wedding happens smoothly .. and hope you remember to take a breath and a stretch in between your training and wedding preps

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  2. This is good news !! 🙂
    Very happy for your brother and your family ! 🙂
    Weddings usually bring joy and happiness to the fam, everyone is super busy organizing and all !
    Don’t go too long, i’ll be waiting for your posts as always 🙂
    Have a wonderful day dear !

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