To New Beginnings…

A LOT happened over the weekend. The weekend was something I dreaded because it wasn’t going to be my average laze-at-home weekend. I had plans for Saturday night, Sunday brunch and Sunday dinner with three different sets of people.

Saturday night entailed hanging out at a place called The Bar Stock Exchange for drinks and dinner to celebrate the promotion of (now erstwhile) clinic head. I don’t like bars in India and I particularly did not like the vibe of this one. We sat on the open to air roof top. Which meant that smoking was allowed and it also meant I felt my lungs drown in cigarette smoke. The bar bites were average too. The nachos, french fries and pizza were edible because I was ravenous. I don’t drink so the beverages didn’t count. The music was awful except for when they played Shape of You. Five minutes worth of great music isn’t reason enough to be at a place. Having said that, I wanted to experience being in a bar. I didn’t like it but it’s great to keep trying out new things. Will I try it out again any time soon? Probably not.

Next comes Sunday lunch. The brother has set his heart on a damsel for conjugal bliss. The roka or verbal commitment between the families hasn’t been done as yet but we needed to introduce her to the immediate family. The aunts and uncle. While the mother, father and brother were of the opinion that it should be a surprise. I always thought it was a bad idea. It seemed better if we had told them about it and kept them informed. However, I was in minority and there was precious little I could do. SO we did introduce her at the birthday celebration of the aunt. Turned out ok. The aunts were stunned though they had a hunch something might be brewing.

Usually Sunday is over after a nice leisurely lunch. Because you can’t do much after, it is sleep sleep and more sleep. Not today. I met my friends from school after 15 years!!! 15 long years!!!!! What I thought will be a really awkward encounter turned out to be the most amazing evening I have had in a while. We have all evolved so beautifully and maturely and with each one having their own story and more importantly, wanting to share with an open heart there was no dearth of conversation. Dinner lasted from 5:45 to 11:15!!!

All I can say is Cheers to new beginnings!!! Tchin Tchin!!!


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