The Only Thing Constant…

I hate change. It is inevitable but I still hate it…a little less than when I was younger but I am still very skeptical. Yet however anti change you might be, it will happen at every corner, nook or cranny. There’s little you can do about it but embrace it. Because you cannot resist it. You could try but it devours you instead.

Anyhow, the point is the brother has been seeing girls for marriage. The traditional, arranged marriage way. I should elaborate for those alien to the concept. In this part of the world it is very normal for your parents to introduce you to a girl/boy (whatever the case may be) they think would be a good match for you. In the era gone by they would decide who is good for you and some might have seen their partner only on the day of the wedding. Things have eased out now and it is more like a dating phase only that the parents introduce you two and the aim from the beginning is to see if you are compatible for marriage.

I hope and pray I find my own match without having to undergo the conventional way. Not that I am being judgmental but I  know myself and the fact is I cannot conform to norms. Anyway, that is another story for another day. The dilemma I am facing is, with the addition of a new member there is bound to be change. You have got to behave in a certain way. Watch your tongue and be prim and propah. THE WORST PART, I have got to be decently dressed (read superbly) if and when the brother is sure and chooses to introduce us to the girl (which by my own conjecture will be soon). And then starts the overt amount of socializing, the girls family inviting us over for ceremonies and lunches and dinners and coffees…yikes, I cringe at the thought of it.

Also how the dynamics within the family change. Not that I was ever extremely close to the brother but we are cordial. The family is chilled, loud and boisterous. And we can wear and do whatever we want…are we going to mellow down and be all proper? I don’t know. I guess time will tell its tale. But, I do have my reservations but we will know what unfolds soon….


2 thoughts on “The Only Thing Constant…

  1. You might temporarily have to be a bit more formal but it is hard to keep it up. Eventually you and her can hopefully settle into a pattern that is more natural and comfortable to both and be yourselves in a new family.
    Love the pretty and clean layout of your blog and posts.


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