Dealing with Connivance

I may have been born and brought up in India. But, I feel very out of place. I feel out of place in most places I have been to. Save maybe my stint in San Francisco where I felt right at home for I got lost in the crowd…or so I thought. Well, I am no longer there or in the USA for that matter but I still have a very American thinking. Most patients will pay out of pocket for physical therapy or physiotherapy so you need not write up to date notes but I do. AND THANK GOD for that.


The aunt of a PT who works in another branch happens to be my patient. I have been treating her for about a month. She complained about my treatment to her niece. Who in turn complained to my clinic head. There is a TON of politics which plays out in my clinic. Is it because I am in an all girls clinic or is it because I am working in India or the median age is 23 and fresh grads. Or maybe I don’t know how to handle the Indian conniving mentality.

She has blatantly lied that she was initially told that the sessions are one hour each when I made it amply clear that they are only 45 mins long. Then she said she had a back problem and a neck problem but I hadn’t taught her any exercises for the back (when I had, THANK GOD I write detailed notes). Then she switched over to how she gets no time to exercise at home and how I should have taught her exercises where she can do without leaving her house. Of course I would, but that would be only if you told me so.

In the US, you are very protected. There is the case manager, social worker, OTs, STs (if and when) and when you write a nasty note, it is worked up on. So all in all you are safe. No one can really take you for a joy ride. Not so much in India. You’ve got to defend yourself. You are ok if you have a decent case-in charge who you have kept in the loop (as is my case) and a supporting clinic head (which is not the case right now).

I also blew up on my clinic head because she said I am only taking your word on it. I was like there is a HUGE problem if you do not trust your own team. The patient then came late one day and I sent her home. So she complained again but I feel very unapologetic. I work very hard for people who are sincere in their efforts and want to get better. It pisses me off when I am trying my level best to get my patients better and I get bullshit in return.

I know I will be in trouble next week but I still feel quite unapologetic and in fact I feel confident of giving back my detractors for I cannot and DO NOT take s#@$ from ANYONE. If only someone had taught me how to be manipulative and conniving I might not feel so out of place in every place I have ever been to….if wishes were horses….


7 thoughts on “Dealing with Connivance

  1. I support you VD. I have suffered a lot by not giving back, either to loved ones or others. If there is something that is not going as it has to, we have every right to correct it. People bitching behind our backs, giving false information about us or even not trusting us when we are right.
    Things are different here. The company where I worked, my classmate, who was also my team mate got more preference because he always favoured the manager! Zero percent work capability, 100 percent maskafy capability.

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      1. It’s tough but once u make Ur point I think you ll stop feeling bad for them, after all you are at no fault. 😊

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  2. Good job. Is there an other clinic you could go and work? Sorry for the troubles you are having and I hope things would be better but it seems the only way would be to come back to the USA. ???


    1. Oh well, there is another clinic I could be working at but it’s a task to get them to change. Moving back to the US seems a little out of question given President Trump’s horrible H1B laws but I would imagine leaving my current job after my contract gets over next year. I hope to start my own practice and a side business involving using my culinary skills 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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