Writing Assignment

I have cried and cribbed about the work atmosphere. Two things get the better of me. One, I work in an all girls clinic which means there is ALWAYS some or the other political saga being played. The other being the team is way younger which means I have little to nothing to say to anyone. My frequency does not match those of my colleagues and I am amazed that a mere 5-6 years to me looks like a generation gap!!

Recently I got an email from HR stating I had been selected as a content writer for my company’s website. I was given a host of topics from which I chose cervical canal stenosis. It means the narrowing of the spinal canal (the cavity through which the spinal cord passes) in the cervical or neck region. I have to write 500-600 words on the topic. I earn a paltry something but it is the way I landed the task that amazes me.

So, my clinic is right next to the corporate office. The CEOs, MDs, HR honchos, investors keep coming in and out of the clinic. I have a habit of maintaining a low profile. Out of my own will, I won’t go talk to any of the top shots or anything of the sort. I believe I live in public oblivion. Only that it’s my belief and far from the truth.

Turns out I got an email from Karan in the corporate office (which I saw but chose to ignore thinking it to be those mass mails which I need not open) and didn’t reply to. So he comes to me and tells me the gist of it and asks me to respond by same day evening. And then what he told me blew my head off in a nice sort of way. He said the CEO had directly recommended my name. And, I have NEVER had a conversation with him EVER.

The only way he could have known I had a good command over the language is when he is kinda sorta eavesdropping when he is flitting in and out while I might have a conversation with my patients. To be specific, I was the front desk one evening talking to my patient in fluent Gujarati and then he walked by. Something in the heaven’s above rattled my consciousness to believe I was being judged. So in Queen’s English even though my patient didn’t understand a word, I spoke an entire line. That was that.

And voila 5 days later I get this email.

Cheers to serendipitous happenings!!!


3 thoughts on “Writing Assignment

  1. Like you’ve been the older one, I have always been the younger one and still had a LOT of fun!! I’ve had no trouble getting along with anyone older but I just think I am way more mature than most my age and I don’t “party” so I have little to nothing to say except maybe greetings or such. And yes women will be women 😀

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    1. Haha…I took pride in my ability to get along with anyone way older or way younger but that pride has been shattered to smithereens thus far. But I have to admit, listening in on conversations with the younger lot is SO mind opening and widening!

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