Weekend Getaway

I mentioned in my last post we were to go to the hills about four hours from Bombay for a weekend getaway. We booked an entire bungalow on airbnb. I’ve stayed in some and must say this was the best so far. Perched on top of a hill with 180 degree views of surrounding mountains and a peek of the khadakvasla dam in the distance, there can’t be a better place for a weekend getaway from the city life.

The house is situated in a gated community but still is secluded and super quiet. The view is picturesque and scenic. The ambience and energy of the house itself makes you feel at peace right away. There were plenty of outdoor spaces to hang out and the outdoors and indoors blend seamlessly together thanks to the huge windows and doors. I enjoyed the stunning sunsets and the rising Venus and Mars from the wooden dining table. The green lawns were great for sunbathing and walking bare feet- simple pleasures you cannot enjoy in the city. There was a jacuzzi which was a huge plus point. Even though it has only cold water, it’s very relaxing in the afternoon heat. Though it will be way better when it does have hot water.The bar ledge overlooking the kitchen was a fun element.

The house is aesthetically done with great attention to detail. The shabby chic/rustic interiors add to the vibe of the place. As soon as you arrive, sheets, blankets and towels are opened from laundry packaging so you know it’s all clean and neat for your. The toilets have shampoo sachets and body wash with clean hand towels. At twilight, the caretaker lights up the entire house with tea lights and tiny strategically placed lights makes the whole house look like it is out of a fairy tale.

The kitchen was fully stocked. There was adequate crockery and cutlery. The glassware was pretty extensive as well, there’s beer glasses, wine glasses, shots etc. I was sure to have a BBQ and I felt like a fool for tagging along knives and salt and pepper and such. The coal fire BBQ pit was great fun. You have to carry along the marinated veggies or meat or poultry though. The nearest restaurant is about 10-12kms away and there are no grocery stores nearby. However, you could call and the restaurant will deliver reasonably good food within half an hour.

Connectivity was an issue here. There was just one spot on the outdoor dining table where if you place your phone in the right direction you might get signals. However, otherwise you’ve got to go down about a kilometre or so for network. There’s no wifi. I hope the host, Amit, doesn’t ever get wifi or any connectivity. It ensures you are completely cut off and totally relaxed. The are no malls or restaurants or theatres you can check out so you are truly one with nature.

I had a great great great time, I soaked in the air and life and energy of the place. My loud boisterous aunts didn’t get into the inner sanatorium of my peace and couldn’t disrupt it in anyway. So, I was pleasantly surprised that a family getaway didn’t yield any negatives for me. I will be sure to post another blog about the food we ate. I don’t think the place and food can really do justice in one. I am sharing the photos so I hope everyone enjoys those. I got so carried away in the moment, I didn’t care to take any more snaps.

Cheers and hope everyone is geared up for the weekend!!



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