Ignorance is Bliss?

I do admit, I am so totally ignorant about social convention. Though I consider myself smart, well read and in general up to date with everything. Three decades on planet earth and I should know I am not. So whenever a friend by-the-way talks of something usual, I get so upset that I wasn’t aware of it AT ALL. Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. It left me flabbergasted that the ‘celebrations’ start one week in advance and continue for a week after.

For the few who are as uninitiated as myself, following is the list of days celebrated before.

  • 7th Feb- Rose Day
  • 8th Feb- Propose Day
  • 9th Feb- Chocolate Day
  • 10th Feb- Teddy Day
  • 11th Feb- Promise Day
  • 12th Feb- Hug Day
  • 13- Kiss Day
  • 14- V-DAY!!!

That’s not enough, there are days after V-Day also. Those seem more like anti-V day days. I am not entirely certain this is a global phenomenon or just ‘celebrated’ in this part of the world. But here goes-

  • 15th Feb- Slap Day
  • 16th Feb- Kick Day
  • 17th Feb- Perfume Day
  • 18th Feb- Flirting Day
  • 19th Feb- Confession Day
  • 20th Feb- Missing Day
  • 21st Feb- Break up Day

Awesome!!! In my three decades this is the first time I was made aware of this. And, I am rather amazed at the ingenious human brain which comes up with such ideas. Pure genius. Do I support it or participate-no but I do appreciate the talent and pure genius in any form.

I am very curious to know, is it just us or are these days really well known world wide?

That apart, I am going out for a small weekend getaway next week. The place we have rented has facilities for a BBQ. BBQ is just picking up in India (as the western concept, kebabs in a tandoor have been in India for centuries though). This is my first tryst with it here and I enjoyed it in the USA so it has me really excited.

If all goes well, the menu will be pretty extensive- banana boats, grilled pineapple (marinated in vodka shots if the brother provides the alcohol), toasted marshmallows and jacket potatoes. I cannot forget my Indian roots so there will be tandoori aloo, more like potatoes marinated in Indian spices and then BBQed. There is obviously no tandoor so I can’t technically call them tandoori aloo. I will try and make a grilled fruit cobbler also but not entirely certain.

The family, except the brother is totally ignorant of BBQ so I have a new audience and I won’t be compared. This also means, I will be toiling two days prior just to make sure I do not forget anything. Making lists and buying things and marinating stuff and getting the spice blend right and packing salt and pepper and such. I am pretty much in the middle of nowhere so I won’t even get basics like milk. In the event of a success, I am sure to write about it after I get back.

I hope everyone is geared up for a good weekend!! Cheers!!

Love and Light!!!


19 thoughts on “Ignorance is Bliss?

  1. wellllllll, i have a few (more than a few i guess, lol) more years on this planet than you, and i have NEVER heard of any of those days. i would say the first list was made up by the stores/sales people to increase the profits of valentines day.
    as for the second list, i think an angry woman made that one up. 😉
    enjoy your bbq weekend!!!!

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  2. So this is like you propose on Valentine’s day, get slapped the next day, then flirt with someone else and when you get caught, confess and finally breakup 😂😂


  3. Are you sure the person wasn’t pulling your leg? I’m 44 and I’ve lived in Asia and Africa (okay, maybe Africa doesn’t count, lol!) And I know people everywhere except Antarctica and Timbuktu (Haha!) and I dont know about it and no one else anywhere else has even alluded to being aware of those “special” days.


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