White Whisperings

White sands shimmered silver,
Such was the effect of the Golden rays
On the ethereal beach in Heaven’s land.

Dancing to the zephyr tune pristine white curtains,
The rhythm Divine playing at its happiest,
For the Chosen children were bound in togetherness.

Myriads of ups and downs and aloofs and aparts,

His own progeny danced in unison and Glee,
Perfectly in sync with that rhythm Divine.

Lost in the music their heart will be one,
The four poster with ephemeral dancing drapes,
Was the Chosen playground for the match of unity.

Nooks and crannies she wanted to explore,
The soft and harsh she needed to know,
He was man enough to let her familiarise his being.

Understood was her need to feel and trust,
He said not a word and asked not a deed in return,
But he kept himself open to her explorations.

Contended with what she felt with touch and feeling,
Familiar with all of his vast being,
She was now open to giving into his.
A man man enough to let her on first was her man.

Clarity of inner judgement and surety of Divine embrace,
He more confident and sure of himself moved beautifully,
Over her being with the intention to impress.

He needed not to trust or familiarise,
She was visualised accurately in the inner chamber of his soul,
His Own connection was thorough and intense.

He helped her discover parts of her being she knew not existed,
Each dark corner shone with brightness and vigour,
Surprised was she with this Ideal rhythm.

His Golden Light mingled and tingled
The bright Bluish White of her own,
And together was painted an immaculate masterpiece of each being.

Her apprehensive self did nothing to stop his penetrating soul,
It felt so right to be giving up the long standing independence,
How had she survived without the other half- she knew not nor dared to think.

Content was she with the freedom brought by open unity,
Unparalleled joy was hers to be for she found
the second self for whom her nature asked,
He who shall bring voice to what in her is mute.

Ocean had met ocean to enjoy the vastness of Oneness.


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