Frittata Fiesta

Oh well, yesterday was a holiday in this part of the world. We celebrate our Republic Day on 26th January. It is a celebration to commemorate the birth of India as a sovereign nation and the kicking in of the comsitution. It entails watching the republic day parade where various states of India put up their own floats to showcase their achievements or talents. The armed forces put up their own act to showcase their prowess. It’s a proud moment. We are a relatively young country (ancient civilisation though) and we sure have come a long way since our independence in 1947. The major iconic buildings are lit up on this day. The following is VT station which is the biggest station in Bombay.


Anyway, once the parade and flag hoisting is over, the rest off the day is a holiday. So I called over the aunts and uncle for brunch. One of the aunts loves eggs but has a cook who won’t touch them (he’s a Brahmin and it’s against his religious and cultural beliefs to touch meat, poultry or sea food) and she has no culinary proficiency. And in my family, if one is invited, the others take it for granted that they are also invited. Or better still will invite themselves. So we had an egg brunch.

It was my first attempt at making a frittata. I wasn’t sure it would turn out ok. But YouTube recipes are pretty to the point. You really can’t go too wrong with them. And I followed Laura Vitale’s and it turned out super. Basically I cut my potato into very thin slices and soaked them in some water for about half an hour. Then I cooked them on a pan with some onions. Once those were done, I poured over the beaten eggs. Seasoning was basic-salt, pepper and paprika. Let it cook on the stove top till the bottom was well done. Then when the top was still undercooked, I stuck it in the oven at 250 c with just the top heat till it was cooked all the way through. Was a major hit at the party!!



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