Sniffles, Snuffles and other such Sicknesses.

It seems like the flu season is here. Every other person at work is down with a bad throat. The mother, the brother and the grandfather and me too. Which means I am surrounded by snuffles and sniffles and raspy voices.

I had a particularly bad night. After years, decades in fact, I was wheezing. I couldn’t lie down without bursting into a loud cough. My abs hurt so bad today. I thought someone was smothering me. Finally I had to pop a deriphylin and then I went off to sleep peacefully. The night before my nose was so blocked I had to open my mouth and it was equally annoying.

Obviously, I took the day off. I got thoroughly bored. And I  am very grateful that I feel better now and will be going to work tomorrow. Yay!! I am still phlegmy and all but I can breathe as yet. I don’t feel smothered at least.

I have been on warm liquids all day. I have had lemon coriander soup and three jumbo mugs of cinnamon and ginger tea. And a tea of asoefetida, salt, pepper and lime juice. Three times a day I have applied ginger juice on my chest and the back. Not to mention that I am smelling clove oil concoction every half hour.

Oh and I topped it off with a ginger, turmeric, lime juice shot. Makes my hair stand up with all its pungency. Well, cheers to health and happiness in the coming week!!


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