The Brother’s Birthday…

It’s the fraternal birthday. The parents were out so the onus of preparing the birthday meal fell on my square shoulders.

This was the first time I made pickled onions and carrots. Turned out yum. The harissa could have been better. We don’t get ancho or guaillo chillies so I used red bell peppers. Silly me!! I should’ve just used kashmiri mirchis!!! Anyway, harissa just turned out to be a sweetish salsa like sauce.

On the other hand, I made labneh. Rolled out into balls and coated them with zaatar masala. For the uninitiated it is a middle eastern spice blend.

The hummus was the best I have made so far. I was liberal with the olive oil and it paid of. Smooth creamy and garlicky.

The result of my toiling was the following. img_2141Hope everyone is having a good Friday!! And cheers to the impending weekend…for us Indians it’s Sunday only…


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