New Year Resolutions!!

And 2016 blew out like a chilly wind into 2017. I might have read ‘My Family and Other Animals’ a million times but I am no Gerald Durrel.

Anyhoo. It’s nearly 2017. Where did 2016 blow away, I have no idea. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. However, this time I make an exception.

I have one resolution- I need to figure out how to behave in an all girls clinic. The politics and the games people play are unbelievable. I am new to it all. It’s not something I have indulged in or amused myself with.

I am working in this clinic for three months. And, I still don’t know how things work. I got yelled at today for stepping in and seeing a patient of another therapist who was on leave. For NO fault of mine.

To make matters worst, I have to deal with a great generation gap. While everyone is in their 20s. I am three decades old. The level of maturity and life experience I have is different. I don’t care about peoples personal lives. I have not learnt the art of manipulation. I wish I had. I so so wish I had.

Oh dear God, please hear my prayer and let yin and yang balance out. Let there be Light in my work path.



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