Christmas Eve…

It’s Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is the big day. Whatever the communists might state, the lights, reindeer, jingling bells, Christmas tree, Santa, stockings do spread a lot of cheer and joy around. It brings people together and it is great fun.

I have spent most Christmases watching Home Alone. Either part 1 or 3. I didn’t quite connect to part 2. And I’ve been very happy doing it. But I was super surprised that today’s paper ran an article on 20 Christmas movies to watch. I’ve watched a few but I will share the list with you right here.

I would like recommendations as to which ones need to be given priority.

20. The Muppet Christmas Carol

19. A Christmas Story

18. Holiday Inn

17. Miracle on 34th Street

16. Bad Santa

15. The Nightmare Before Christmas

14. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

13. Arthur Christmas

12. Four Christmases

11. The Polar Express

10. The Holiday

09. White Christmas

08. Die Hard (???)

07. Elf

06. The Santa Clause 2

05. The Santa Clause

04. Love, Actually

03. Gremlins

02. A Christmas Carol

01. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve…..enjoy the anticipated joy….friends and love….light and peace…..



8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve…

      1. When I was younger my dad would take my mom and myself out driving the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas lights that the neighbors and surrounding area would decorate their houses with. I still do that a little bit each year as I like to look at the decorations even though I don’t decorate my house.

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