It’s a Matter of the Obsessive Perspective.

Sharing again something I wrote when I just started out.


I am not religious. No, I AM NOT AN ATHEIST. When I tell people I am not religious, the usual allusion is that I am an atheist. Today, I was looked down upon, derisively, for saying I have never fasted in the last three decades of my presence on earth (amongst other apparently anti-God qualities) for religious purposes.

It then struck me like lightening- common belief or common consciousness cannot or does not understand the difference between spirituality and religiousness.

I am not here to shoot down religions or hurt anyone’s sentiments. But, while I am truly enamoured by the vastness of spirituality, the endless scope of unifying everything apparently diverse, I cannot fathom the constricted views or rationales of religion.

Taking a religious adage also helps us unify rather that differentiate to make religious hierarchies. If God made man in His own image, then how is the man profoundly different from…

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6 thoughts on “It’s a Matter of the Obsessive Perspective.

  1. HI,
    I teach about the various religions to my 7th graders in history class, but I’m not that religious either.
    I met you at Danny Ray’s Meet and Greet. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. For example, I recently wrote how to get 842 people to your blog in less than a day.
    I also have regular monthly Meet and Greets like Danny.

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      1. Hi San Francisco at heart,
        I would be happy to give you a blog critique if you could just take a moment to sign up for my blog first. I always make time for my followers.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for following my blog. You’d like my opinion? Okay, here goes:
    1. I love your photos. Definitely eye catching. Go to Canva and add some text to make them graphics. Here are instructions: Then, send them to Pinterest where you can promote your articles through your graphics.
    2. I recommend formatting the text by using bold and bullet points to highlight each idea. You’ve done this to a small degree with the all caps.
    I hope this was helpful.


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