A Sunday at That Time of the Year!!!

It’s that time of the year…let it snow…let it snow…let it snow.

Oh well, it’s the Sunday before Christmas. And even though I am Indian, I get very excited about Christmas. There’s something about the cheer and light and joy and love around that time of the year which is pretty much unparalleled. At work, there is a whole week of celebrations which kick off on the 20th.

There is a potluck and secret santa and messages on message board and Christmas cake and the decorations!! I am looking forward to it all. The spirit of Noel is good enough to pull me through the drudgery of a big fat Indian wedding. Of Father Christmas, thanks for the merriment and revelry!!!

Before we slip into the kicking off of the merry making, I wanted to grab a healthy bite. So I made myself two salads. I fall into the category of people who feel salads are great if made well. My style is that of not following a recipe. I follow my intuition and just grab things randomly till it tastes awesome (humility is not one of my virtues).



The one of the right is My Greenk Goddess Salad. The base was iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and toasted bread croutons. The salad dressing was Greek yogurt, cilantro, mint, a clove of garlic, dash of oregano, olive oil and salt and pepper. The salad hating brother had two helpings!!

The left one was a simple Vinegarette iceberg. The base was the same as above and the dressing was an emulsion of olive oil, red wine vinegar, dried oregano, salt and pepper. In all it’s simplicity, it was peacefully amazing on the palette and the tummy as well.

Cheers to the week that will be!!!






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