I had a really really busy weekend. For starters, in India most people only get Sunday off. Needless to say I come in the category of most!! Sigh!! So basically it means instead of 48 hours of cooking and cleaning and chores I have to fit it all into 24. Which leaves me with precious little time to galavant. Not that there is much to galavant in Mumbai (that’s a lie but you are reading the blog of a girl who left her heart and soul in San Francisco)!!

This weekend was different, I trudged along to Thane which is a good two and half hour drive once way to see a flower show. A new real estate company was launching its project and the uncle got passes to previewing. As part of promotions, they had set up eighteen gardens with different themes. Some were rather good, others not quite so. I am sharing some of the snaps here. The others, if I get (if the uncle ever forwards them to me). It was called the Vaikuntha flower show. Vaikuntha means paradise or abode of the Gods.

Here are some more, and I have still some more if only someone would forward them to me. Hope you enjoy these though!!

Cheers!! Until next time!!


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