Moments Cherished

On a frigid Bay Area morning,

She sauntered to etch her career path,

Trying to look smart and professional,

For fashionable and chic she never could.

It just wasn’t her style.


Usually it was a crisp beige pant,

A comfortable full sleeved tee,

And the mandatory black polo,

Paired with roomy sneakers.

Golden brown hair tied in a neat bun.


Sporadically, on that odd day,

She dressed to impress,

Dormant feminity suddenly awoke,

And transformed her into an embodiment of elegance.

Tomboy-ish was transformed to elegance.


Golden brown hair emitting the aroma of lavender,

Soft natural curls adorning her cherubic face,

A deep-v neck fit snugly onto her bosom,

Just what was it she was hiding and giving only a peek-a-boo of?

She left that to his own imagination.


Her lips were naturally rose-pink,

Eyes naturally hazel,

Cheeks naturally high boned and coloured salmon pink

By the Higher Guide above and inside.

Being in touch with That she liked being true to herself.


Masculine eyes caught her natural beauty,

Eye spoke to heart and heart to eyes,

It was obvious he wanted to hold her,

Explore the bosom she gave a sneak preview to.

How each wished they were alone in the Universe.


In the absence of such private privileges,

Masculinity was gentlemanly,

Moving in close to her in a subtle way,

He seductively murmurs, “Good morning”.

Bestest was her morning made.


All through the day his eyes followed her command,

They couldn’t get themselves to look at anyone else,

No matter the distance the epitome of grace was caught,

She enjoyed the shower of attention.

The visual appreciation teased her mysterious self.


While neither spoke a single word to the other,

Each understood the deepest cords struck within,

Solace they found in each other’s gaze,

His undivided attention made her feel like a Queen.

She cannot wait for Fate to show them the path to rule the Kingdom of Love.



















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