Plebeian Pancakes.

All elements in her being were misanthropic,

For freedom and space had top rung priority,

Human beings she avoided whenever she could,

Extent of avoiding hordes at work by working Sundays.


Her best day at work,

The peace and quiet helped her work better,

The Higher Power had enticed her with this bait

To veer her toward her Goal- him.


He not remotely misanthropic,

Juggled two jobs to grow,

Maybe this was his Higher bait,

He needed to awaken her awareness toward him.


On one such sun’s day,

His friend working for monthly rotation,

Mustered the courage to ask her to join for breakfast lunch,

Plebeian Pancakes to be precise.


After many a day of just snatching two words (sometimes two thousand),

Between clients or seeing clients together,

Or while finishing notes and files,

They were together in a social setting.


Each sat two inches from the other,

Each should have eaten pancakes,

But he decided to tuck into a pastrami Reuben sandwich,

Gah!! Maybe it wasn’t the foreseen day or time!


His peace was all pervading,

Two inches was the closest they had ever sat,

She was enveloped by his Energy,

It had been written in lores of yonder today she knew Truth.


This was utopia on Earth,

The physical distance didn’t play spoilsport,

The spiritual unity was uncleavable,

If only it was on the physical plane.


After the spiritual coalescence,

Each returned to reality,

She to her misanthropic self,

He to his girl.


Neither understood the game He played,

While each was tormented by the others absence,

Neither said anything to the other,

But enjoyed those moments of complete bliss.


Each must wait for karma to be satiated?

To be fulfilled and content,

So that the physical distance is cemented too?

Patience is a price each must pay for Faith to show the way.










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