It has been a week since I last wrote. The longest I’ve been away from WordPress since I started, I guess. But it’s been a crazy crazy crazy crazy week.

Friday last was the 13th day ceremony of my grand aunt’s passing. This is an auspicious day which marks the beginning of the souls next journey. Until then it is said the departed soul still bears some attachment to this life. She suffered from cirrhosis of the liver and had been pretty badly off for two odd years. She was a minister in the central cabinet and a very powerful robust personality but liked by all. Even though she was out of active politics for about a decade, the Prime Minister called. The Chief Minister came to pay his last respects and ordered she be cremated with full state honours. Which meant she got a 21 gun salute. I am not the type to mourn over death. Rather, I’d be happy that they lived. But I was a little sad that she didn’t live a mere two weeks more to see her favourite grandchild get married.

Mourning gave way to merriment on Monday. For on Monday morning her favourite grandson did get hitched in a lavish ceremony which would have made her proud. The whole hall was decorated in red. The stage in red roses. The table decor consisted of red carnation flower arrangements which shimmered in the light of tiny tea lights. Crystal chandeliers dropped elegantly from the 20 foot ceiling. The bride was dressed in a peach pink lehenga embellished with crystals which must’ve been very uncomfortable for her but she looked like a million bucks. The food was fit for a ๐Ÿ‘‘ !!! Lavish and each dish as good if not better than the other.

Tuesday brought with it a tired and worn out me. I am not used to so much socialising and eating out. While I had a great time with my other cuzs, I got tired. Still wearily I worked extra hours to make up for the time off I had taken. And trying to study for my re-test on Wednesday. Which I did very wearily. And when I left after a long dreary day, I twisted my ankle on a stone I couldn’t see due to bad street lighting right outside work.

Wednesday woes. Started of with me forgetting my books in the clinic. And having to deal with a swollen ankle. So I had to go back to the clinic way before time and then go meet J uncle to show him my ankle and then head home before heading back to work. And in the melee, just after I reached back, I got the news that my moms maternal aunt had passed. It was the most beautiful, yes I wrote beautiful death anyone could have had. She woke up and requested to take a bath earlier than usual. ย Be dressed in her favourite outfit. Eat a date that her family had sent her for Diwali and was praying. In the midst of the prayers she just dropped her head down and that was that. When I went to pay my last respects, there was no hurt or pain or grief on her face. A stark contrast to the life she had lead. In fact she looked happy and peaceful. This was the only thing that lead me get through my dismal performance on the re-test.

I didn’t do as badly as I did on the last test but still not a 100% which I require. So, voila, I will have to take the re-re-test but who knows!!!!!



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