A week ago I wrote about the avalanche of dulces from Brazil in my life. This time I write about the middle eastern ingredients the brother got from Dubai. I sent him with a long list of things to get for me. This list entail he go to the souk or supermarket and buy fresh ingredients. My instructions were simple, organic, local and fresh. I badgered him so much that, I thought, out of vengeance he would not get it. But he’s quite a sweetie. So here’s a list of all the things he got for me –

  • HALOUMI- I intend on making it two ways. A simple grill with lemon juice and oregano served with olive and pistachio salsa. And another marinated in zatar (a middle eastern spice blend) and served with a cold yogurt dip.
  • HUMMUS- Never eaten a hummus like this before. EVER!
  • ZAATAR MASALA- The Lebanese and Jordanian versions. Though, I prefer the former so far.
  • FETA CHEESE- If only someone could get me ready made phyllo sheets, I would make a mean spinakopita.
  • RAW HONEY- This one is absolutely amazing, it’s thick as dulce. And has a liberal quantity of saffron in it. It’s dessert on its own. So sumptuous and wholesome.
  • HERBS- Sage, oregano and kafir lime leaves. None of these are freely available in India so was more than happy to have got these. Next weekend, I am making Tom Kha Gai again.
  • OLIVE OIL- EVO Turkish olive oil.
  • ITALIAN INGREDIENTS- Because they aren’t available in India, freely or inexpensively. He got me arborio rice and Parmesan cheese. The weekend after next, I make risotto. Never made it before but there’s always a first for everything.

An update as to what I did with the dulce. To cut the cloying sweetness, I added lime juice, lime zest and turned it into a lime tart. Turned out super.



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