To weigh unconscious lips with words from Fate:

A casual passing phrase can change our life.

“O spirit, traveller of eternity,

Who cam’st from the immortal spaces here

Armed for the splendid hazard of thy life

To set thy conquering foot on Chance and Time,

The moon shut in her halo dreams like thee.

A mighty Presence still defends thy frame.

Perhaps the heavens guard thee for some great soul,

Thy fate, thy work are kept somewhere afar.

Thy spirit came not down a star alone.

O living inscription of the beauty of love

Missalled in aureate virginity,

What message of heavenly strength and bliss in thee

Is written with the Eternal’s sun-white script,

One shall discover and greaten with it his life

To whom thou loosenest thy heart’s jewelled strings.

O rubies of silence, lips from which there stole

Low laughter, music of tranquillity,

Star-lustrous eyes awake in sweet large night

And limbs like fine-linked poems made of gold

Stanzaed to glimmering curves by artist gods,

Depart where love and destiny call your charm.

Venture through the deep world to find thy mate.

For somewhere on the longing breast of earth,

Thy unknown lover waits for thee the unknown.

Thy soul has strength and needs no other guide

Than One who burns within thy bosom’s powers.

There shall draw near to meet thy approaching steps

The second self for whom thy nature asks,

He who shall walk until thy body’s end A close-bound traveller pacing with thy pace,

The lyrist of thy soul’s most intimate chords

Who shall give voice to what in thee is mute.

Then shall you grow like vibrant kindred harps,

One in the beats of difference and delight,

Responsive in divine and equal strains,

Discovering new notes of the eternal theme.

One force shall be your mover and your guide,

One light shall be around you and within;

Hand in strong hand confront Heaven’s question, life:

Challenge the ordeal of the immense disguise.

Ascend from Nature to divinity’s heights;

Face the high gods, crowned with felicity,

Then meet a greater god, thyself beyond Time.


-Savitri by Sri Aurobindo


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