Whatever Just Happened!!

I am surprised, almost bordering on grief that a self-proclaimed free and great country would elect a sexist, racist, tax evading, hypocritical bimbo!

America wants to be walled in on one side?? America think a man who has no concrete plans will make it great again?? What really defines great?? Americans think there is no need for immigrants?? I think you need to remember, America as we know it is made up of immigrants. Even if you are white, you are an immigrant descendant. America belongs to Native Americans.

Silicon Valley consists of 37% immigrants, not counting the number of second generation descendants of immigrants. And the invisible population of Mexican immigrants who work the fields. The menial labourer without who you would not have any food on your plate. And Mr. President, your wife shouldn’t be there either.

I understand that the coasts, particularly west, (lets include New York also) is where education and money is concentrated. It’s open free and forwards. But Midwest, south are very traditional. Makes me wonder, will we have a Califorexit?? Having lived in San Francisco for two and half years, I vibe with the open and free spirit of the city. I cannot imagine the cringe the people will feel under such a restrictive and narrow minded Prez.

The idea of calling him President Trump is sending shivers down my spine. The man is a known wretch. The scoundrel has a groped women, evaded taxes and hates immigrants. The hypocrite is still married to one! And he has the balls to talk about his daughter’s arse. Which obviously means he cannot respect his own blood, I am dead sure he can’t respect anyone else. How America, he did you vote for this dud?? How can you give your nukes to this a******???!!!

I thought America had learnt its lesson after George W. Bush but obviously not. I just see a great and free country going to the dogs but I hope and pray that it doesn’t ruin the world as well. While, I have always wanted to move back, this is one reason I have no hope to. I don’t want to work for an apparently great and free country who chooses to elect a jerk for a president!! Good God, no!! By the way it’s 1453 days 23 hours to the next American election!!


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