Brazilian Ola!!!

The aunts went to Brazil and returned just yesterday. One of them is an ornithologist and tagged along everyone else on her sojourns. Luckily for the others, she made two pit stops in civilised parts of the country. And of course, I asked for two things- dulce de leche and Brazilian cocoa and coffee.

Now, when I buy things, I buy them local. I buy them fresh. I buy them organic. I buy them homemade (preferably). I buy them at the farmers market. This concept of good wholesome food is unknown to the aunts. They had no idea about dunce till I told them, and they were the ones going. Don’t ask, sometimes I want to hit my own head against the wall at the lack of basic knowledge.

This in turn means they are so confused as to what to buy. Inherently, you ought to know what looks and feels good rather than blindly go for something expensive and (the worst) well packaged stuff. Rustic is good. Homemade and fresh even better. But when these basic inherent concepts are not present in the aunts. Therefore, they get bag full of stuff half of which don’t gel with my sensibilities.

Therefore, I have six big jars of different flavoured dulce de leche (literal translation- jam of milk). Six packets of super market packaged coffee and hot chocolate powder!! While I have no bottles of classic dulce, I have coconut, coconut chocolate, chocolate, walnut and pumpkin. It’s not bad but it’s not what I wanted. I like the original stuff!!

It might not have peaked my excitement, but I am still going to have to use them. So I have been brainstorming about it and I feel I will come up with the following recipes to use the six humoungous jars-

  • Cheatย pumpkin pie- cream cheese, pumpkin dulce and pumpkin spice on a graham cracker crust???
  • Chocolate dulce cheesecake- pretty self explanatory??
  • Various flavoured cheesecake squares- a graham cracker base, topped with a coconut chocolate cream cheese filling and topped with a walnut dulce.
  • Coconut dulce tarts.

I think that that sums up all the flavours I have. And in hind sight, I can’t imagine what will happen to my weight after all that….but maybe with the holiday season I will be extra liberal and give it colleagues, friends, family!!! Spread the joy and fun!! If you guys have any unique ideas, please write in down below. I will try to give it a shot!!!

Adios amigos!!

P.S I got a hair cut. I am wearing my hair really short because I wanted to look neat for the many weddings comin up. The mother hates it, me I quite like it. Though next time round, I will go for a more feminine V at the back!! I wish I could get the Audrey Hepburn look but my hair is too curly for that!!


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