Personality Classification

the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.
“she had a sunny personality that was very engaging”
synonyms: character, nature, disposition, temperament, make-up, persona, psyche, identity

I am rather amazed about the word personality. I would assume no one person is the same but underlying characteristics remain the same in a given population in a particular geographical location. I am not taking into account sociopaths or psychopaths or anything remotely extreme.

If you’re a regular follower of my blog, you know I have been in training for the last two months. The training group involves seven other people. It’s quite a motley group. Everyone from different backgrounds. Some South Indians living in Gujarat and more Gujarati than South Indian. Others Punjabi living in interiors of Maharashtra. Some with kids. Half married. Some fresh graduates. And one a cancer survivor from San Francisco. No prizes for guessing who that is.

However different we may be the group dynamics always remain the same. I mean I am in a profession where I am surrounded with people all the time. Honestly, life is truly a stage. Any small interaction with anyone human and if you are a mere observer, you will be in for an awesome time. It’s super. Honestly, super. It’s my most favourite thing to do. No participation whatsoever but just observing. So I have deduced some common forms of personalities which will be found in any group.

1) The self pitying girl who can’t understand how to please the husband and in laws. And is in a perpetual mess over such marital woes. They are incredibly sweet but conversations end at in laws and husband stories.

2) Hot and happening girl. Usually the youngest of the lot. She will be in charge of all group happenings. Will introduce the older members to newer (read younger) terminologies. She will decide where to hang out and what to eat and every such hot detail. These usually have a passive aggressive.

3) The bosses (or anyone in a position of authority) chum. Will agree to every and anything the boss says. Balls to personal opinions and beliefs. Keep your mouths tight shut in front of these blokes.

4) The secretive competitor. These guys don’t show they are competitive but they are. They are so competitive, anyone sitting near them would die from the negativity they will spew around. One word and you are basically dead.

5) The open competitor. Extremely hardworking. And very open of the fact that they want to do well on tests and exams. Don’t spew negativity like the category above. It’s much easier to get along with them.

6) The guys are smart but don’t do well on exams. Ask them a question outside of exams and their general demeanour and how they co duct themselves, they are super smart. But this, somehow, doesn’t reflect on exam scores. They are morbidly fearful of being judged!! They are the super cool kinds who have not a care of what anyone thinks of them!! Stupid, dumb or otherwise.

7) The university topper who thinks they know it all. These guys did really well on college exams which means they have all the bookish knowledge in the world but I must add, they have no common sense and working knowledge of things. Conversations will be restricted to things a million books have said but nothing about a personal experience whatsoever.

8) The dumbest kid. They might be nice people but plain dumb and don’t know head nor tail of what the hell is going on. Sometimes you might not know what’s going on but you don’t need to wear a dumb expression, right?? They won’t even mask their blank faces!! Makes you wonder……!!

9) The BITCH. Not necessarily the feminine variety. But used because of the general allusion associated with the word. They gossip queens and kings. Tell them one thing and you are sure it is passed on to the entire world. The whole wide world. You don’t need to make an effort on your part whatsoever.


So this is my general classification. Some people overlap all groups. But I am sure this is not an exclusive classification. You all have your own as well, right? Please add some of your own in the comments down below. Would like to read them. Am sure they will be hilarious!!


19 thoughts on “Personality Classification

  1. funny. now that you point this out, i look back at the women (i am one of 3 men in an office of 50 women)and i can confirm this observation. lol it will be interesting to see what others will add as i am not sure i can think of any.
    now…if i can just figure out which one you are. 😉


      1. Yeah, I figured you had to be a nurse or a PT or OT for such a gender ratio to be prevalent. I am still not used to it because even though I am a PT myself, I’ve always had more boys to balance the cattiness out. Wrong guess. Go one more time??


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