Rules Deconstructed!!

After yesterday’s reblog, I decided to dig in about why these ridiculous laws are in place in some countries. While there are some which have a proper reason inplace, others are blown out of proportion and misinterpreted for the sake of entertainment. So here goes my deconstructed version of the rules.

1. It Is Illegal For A Female Divorcee Or Widow To Skydive On A Sunday Afternoon In Florida.

It starts with the most bizarre!! This rule was put in place, when the Yankees were trying to inculcate good culture amongst the general public in the 1800s. Though still in place, it’s not considered in crime. Most people (even skydiving instructors) are not aware of it. Only lawyers with a weak case know of it!!

2. In Venice, It Is Illegal To Feed Pigeons.

This one sort of makes sense. The bird population was getting larger and larger and affecting the food chain. Plus cleaning pigeon poop was heavy on the tax payers fund. So this was banned by the government in the late 90s. Later, even the iconic pigeon feeding at St.Mark’s was banned. It left the birdseed vendors sorrowful, but the ban is still in place for the larger good.

3. In Egypt If You Use Binoculars Near An Airport You Are Running The Risk Of Getting Detained Or Arrested.

The Sharm el Sheikh International Airport is actually a  military base. Therefore, keeping in mind the security arrangements, binoculars are prohibited anywhere near the airport. What about other airports, I have not a clue. If you do, put a comment down below.

4. In Switzerland, It Is Illegal To Flush A Toilet After 10pm.

Swiss rules are more on paper and rarely enforced. It’s more individualistic and depends on how grouchy your landlord or lady is. Usually, this is followed in older buildings where the pipes are louder (???)!!!

5. It is A Crime To Forget Your Wife’s Birthday In Samoa.

Apparently, forgetting your wife’s birthday leads to increased homicide rates, Samoan women kill their husbands for forgetting their birthday?? Really??

6. In Britain, It Is Illegal To Carry A Plank Along The Pavement.

This carries a fine of up to 500 💷!! Imagine that!!

7. In India, To Become A Motor Vehicle Inspector In Andhra Pradesh, You Need Good Teeth.

This is a law from the time of the Brits. Maybe their aversion to paan (betel leaf with betel nuts and tobaccos) addicts??? Ewww…the red laced teeth suck but whatever happened to individual freedom??

8. In Virginia, It Is Illegal For A Man To Kick A Woman Out Of Bed.

This takes chauvinism to an extreme, I would think!! However, I found no reason(even bizarre) for this one but if you do, write it down in the comments please.

9. In Singapore, Chewing Gum Is Illegal.

This takes things a little too far. The government realised that there was a lot of public littering thanks to gum, especially so on the local transport. So what do they do?? Ban the import, production and sale of chewing gum in the country. Except if they are for improving teeth health or other health benefits. That too, you need a prescription. And it can be bought on,y at the doctors or pharmacist who need to jot down the names of all the poeple they’ve sold it to!! Jesus Christ!!

10. In Denmark, It Is Actually Illegal To Start Your Car Without First Cheecking If There Are Any Children Sleeping Under The Car.

11. In Japan, Being Overweight Is Illegal.

This is for people in the age group from 45-74. Considering they have the highest number of centurions, whatever happened to them?? Anyway, this is a law which makes in mandatory for every citizen one above group to have their waist size measured every now and again. Should there be an unhealthy change, they are provided with adequate counselling for healthier options. However, the local government and company you work at might pay for your ‘prosperity’!!

12. In Saudi Arabia, It Is Illegal For Any Woman To Drive A Car.

It’s because of deeply rooted Sharia laws which prohibit women from many freedoms, sometimes even basic ones. Here, they feel, giving women driving licenses will lead to them not covering their head completely and interacting with males which are not family (at traffic signals or in case of an accident) and the women leaving the house more often!!! Jeez, I am claustrophobic just writing this!

13. In Vermont, A Wife Needs The Husband’s Permission To Wear False Teeth.

Why the hell??? If you know, let me know!

14. In Turin, Dog Owners Must Take Their Dogs On A Walk At Least Three Times A Day.

A 500 euros fine will be imposed should you not take your dog out for a walk three times a day!! This is because Italy considers itself a pet friendly country and wants to enforce stricter laws for animal welfare.

15. In France, It Is Illegal To Name A Pig Napoleon.

Technically, not true. The law states it is illegal to insult the head of state in any manner. Really, no one has ever ever ever been booked for naming their pig Napoleon!!

Hope you enjoyed my post!! Leave your comments down below. I look forward to reading them!



One thought on “Rules Deconstructed!!

  1. There are some crazy laws the books that are usually from long ago. There are sodomy laws in many states from long ago and those states recognize gay marriage. Also spitting on the street.
    I would think the police would have a hard time enforcing many of the old laws still on the books. Lol


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