Golden Jubilee

So when I first started this blog, I had NOT a freaking clue how competitive blogging is. There are a LOT of numbers. Number of followers, number of likes and then the awards et al. Wow!! It was about three months after my surgery that I realised I needed to vent. I needed a space where no one knew me or the family personally. A space where I was free to write whatever I wanted without a judgmental glance. That is exactly what I found in this blog. So there might be some rather unflattering stuff about the family mostly and my opinions and views but hey, what the hell!

However, little did I realize that there is a whole community out there. It’s social media but still not Facebook or Orkut or Twitter. NO frivolous posts to prove to near and dear ones how happy you are. I mean, why would you tell the world what your loved one did for you. I still think, the world is not ready for happiness. This is the real thing. People write about everything and anything. Not only the good things. Bad, horrid and awful all included. When I first started, I never imagined, my blog could be found. I never imagined, I would get an award. To know that my writings have gotten a fan base. People look forward to reading what I like. I must say, a few very loyal followers. That was an absolute surprise. Therefore, I am humbled and happy and excited that I have 50 people following me. That feels really good.

I take this opportunity to thank all of you for showering your love and affection on me. While, most people celebrate reaching 100, I am celebrating 50. I NEVER imagined I would even reach this goal. A few blogs ago, I said the competitive spirit rose in my being but I am still a Type B personality so I have no lofty goals for myself. I am happy with  this milestone itself. Thanks so much for making me feel like I am being heard in a wider audience for I had no idea anyone would want to read what I write…hmm!!


7 thoughts on “Golden Jubilee

  1. I have to say that I completely understand your thoughts and I personally share them with you. I have maybe 10 followers, never thought I would get that many but I too am truly grateful for those that choose to follow us on our quest to writing our feelings and thoughts. Congrats my dear…


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