Irritation-hood of the Travelling Pants

Alright I have harped a lot about my current job. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. As far as the pros outweigh the cons even by an it’s wits but, I think, it’s a winner. This job keeps me challenged. I’ve never worked in outpatient before. Quite frankly, I always sucked at it. And, I didn’t think I would ever work in such a setting but life is such that the minute you say (even if it is only to yourself) that I won’t do this or that, this or that is exactly what will happen. Rather irritating but it is what it is.

So with my job it’s the same. Intensive training. Super intensive actually. After five years of work ex I am learning much more than what I have already. Annoying tests at the end of each day. Three tests only to be appointed as a permanent employee. Thereafter tests every three months. Takes its toll. Not to mention a TON of paperwork and admin work which is just part of the job. A part you have to figure out for yourself. A part you really don’t care about but the part you’ll be pulled out for if not done. There is just one pro to it all…that it keeps me challenged. Gives ample exercise to my little grey cells.

So while I love to cry and crib about my job at every opportunity I get, I still think it’s awesome for the challenge it poses. Even though my learning style is different from anyone’s I still enjoy the little adventure. The adventure of giving tests and mocks and reading up and keeping abreast with the world. Keeps me busy and so am happy.

As it so happens, the company I work for has clinics all over India. Nine in Bombay itself. One of those is in a godforsaken place in Thane about thirty odd minutes from the railway station. Trains are the blood vessels which keep the heart of Bombay pumping. Extensive connectivity thanks to the Brits. There would be no problem if the clinic were close to the station. However this remote location is an absolute pain-in-the-wrong-parts.

I cover the distance of about 32.5 kms in 40 minutes. The next 8 kms takes me an hour. Can you imagine that?????!!!!! Why, you might ask. For starters, I need to take the bus the frequency of which is every 30 minutes. If I take a rickshaw, it takes about ₹85 one way. Which if you ask me is really expensive and it might just increase infinitesimally if there is traffic. Considering the remote location of this place, I imagined lush green fields and pure air. That couldn’t have been far from the truth. For, in the morning, I could smell the smoke I was breathing. The fact that I am alive means there was some oxygen in there somewhere.

If that’s not enough, on the way back when I get back from the station closest to my house, I will be stuck in a major jam because of the festive celebrations at the nearby temple. So all in all my 8 hour day will turn into an 11 hour nightmare. It doesn’t help much that the clinic itself is in a nearly deserted shopping Center with zero ventilation. And the only room we get is a 9″ by 5″ hole in the wall where ten of us are supposed to be holed up for a lecture. So at least five people are directly breathing over me at any time. Gross, right????!!! I mean I come from the second most populous country of the world and still I have a problem with that!!

I hope, therefore, tomorrow is my last day to put on my irritating traveling pants.



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