I got this email from an aunt who suffers from obsessive compulsive forwarding disorder. Usually they all hit the trash can without being opened once but this one, on the recommendation of the brother I did open. Boy, was I blown away!! Hope you share my sentiments. Please leave your comments down below!


P.S. I am super super super busy with exams AT WORK, can you imagine that??? At thirty I thought I’d be past that stage!! Yikes!! Please pray I do well and I am hitting the roof top with work frustrations!! And to thing it’s just the training, the job hasn’t even begun!! I am like a ticking bomb, I could explode any minute with the slightest provocation. Oh crap, I will get down to writing about that very soon…after the blessed exams!!


4 thoughts on “Camouflage!!

  1. Haha. Thanks. I do have a few since the exams got over. Haven’t got down to getting out my frustration because with each day there is a new thing I could potentially write about. However, you can check out my other posts. (My personal favourite)
    Hope you like them. Enjoy 😊!!


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