Introspection of the Slow Mind

I have been reading a few blogs by teenagers and I have got to say, I am completely enamoured. I am amazed at the depth of emotions, confidence and insight that they offer. They are quirky and fun and yet have quite a message.

When I think of myself at their age, I was a geeky idiot, completely unaware of the way of the world and doing exactly what the parents (read mom!) asked me to do. It took me one quarter of a century, move continents, be on my own to figure out what a truckload full of shit my parents had ingrained in me!!

While the mother pretends to be really open and forward thinking. I can say, assuredly, that it’s just that- pretence!! I mean there has to be something fundamentally wrong with you if you think love marriages are a complete taboo. (How can you go out with a person of the opposite gender. It didn’t happen in my times.) Did someone tell you it’s, not your time. You’re nearly sixty and life has changed. Wicked thought- would she be ok if there was a romantic liaison between someone with the same gender?? Evil laughter.

The outer spiritual pretence makes me even more upset!! I feel like I want to hang myself upside down to be surrounded by such a narrow outlook. The wearing of only creams and beiges and pastels. The very very sham ridden hugs. “I pass you energy through this hug”…my foot!! The outer appearance of peace and calm and strength…it’s all so rubbish!!

I cannot imagine that a person who cannot accept her daughter being in love with a Filipino to be spiritually advanced. She doesn’t know the man, doesn’t care about anything else but boxes of apparent right that she has built for herself and ‘boxifying’ everyone she ‘apparently’ cares about into those boxes. The narrow mindset cannot grasp the openness and wonders of the whole then. Something that is totally against the point of spirituality. Then what’s the point of pranayama and yoga??!!

Last night, my very married friends came over for a girls night out. They hung out until eleven by no means is late. But the parents were extremely uncomfortable. In this day and age how can a girl/woman come out of the marital home so late at night without the husbands. And then go back on their own so late?? It’s pure sin!!! I wish I could tell them, it’s 2016 not 1916!!!!!!!!

I cannot imagine that it took me twenty five years to figure out things for myself. To figure out your parents are not know it alls they pretend to be. They have no inkling about a lot of things. Just preconceived notions they think are absolutely right.  Not realising they  cause tremendous negativity with the children. Who will rebel against this old world thinking.

It is one of the reasons I cannot wait for the brother to get home a girl who I hope and pray will be a lot more open minded and able to knock some sense into the mother!!!! Until then, I hope, I  don’t pull out my own hair because I really give up trying to bring about some change in the parental outlook!!!! Please pray for my well being!!!


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